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    上海四本机械科技有限公司是SBKJ GROUP的全资子公司,SBKJ GROUP为国家高新技术企业、江苏省民营科技企业、省科技型中小企业,是国际管件协会、中国冷弯型钢协会理事单位、中国安装协会、中国制冷学会、中国制冷空调工业协会、中国国际机电商会等协会的会员单位,公司通过ISO9001:2000国际质量体系认证,产品通过欧盟ce认证,出口至全球60多个国家和地区。



    Our company is a national new high-tech enterprise which is specialzed in the development and manufacture of machines,such as tube forming machines, plasma cutting machines, for the production of round ducting and fttings in sheet metal, mainly for the climate and ventilation industry. We have gotten the certificates of ISO9001:2000 and ce. Our customers from more
    than 60 countries in the world.

    SBKJ's research and development is the comerstone for our automatic tubeformers that produce a higher qualty duct with reduced production costs. Several patented inventions, such as the Flying Slitter and Flying Crimper have established SBKJ as the foremost and leading innovator in spiral duct manufacturing.

    Our highly trained technicians will install and set up each SBKJ machine and train your personnel on all facets of the machine's operation and maintenance. We sincerely welcome both domestic and international friends to cooperate with us.

    +86 139 180 37374(Whatsapp)
    国际机电城方伟路186-188号 No. 186-188, Fang Wei Road, the international mechatronic City No. 4435 Baoan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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    Whatapp:+86 139 180 37374

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